Friday, October 11, 2013

What Matters doesn't feel good, and I dont pander to you anymore.
You can say the sun is shining, well I can clearly see the moon.
Looking at me stone cold. Like a stalker, see it through.
Against stone eyes like water. I will speak in tune.
Still there's nothing from you baby blue. 

Acting like a wolf when i'm in your radius. 
Atracting you is like a trail in the sand.
A little bit of wind and everything is gone away.
You offer life in second chances and still things they move on.
Our legend falls short to knowledge and romance.
So goodbye baby green, how you are taller now. 
Still there's nothing from you baby blue.
   look at me, what was I supposed to see?
What was I supposed to do for you?
 offer life in second chances. Talking like time is slowing down.
Suround ourselves with yes because no just doesnt know.
So goodbye baby green, why don't you set yourself true.
Still there's nothing from you baby blue. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

One Mistake

Made a living for a minute, than you came around and I spent it.
Made amends with a camera lens, it tells the truth and I don't like it.
Make believe that you're no good for me, and there's no need to be changing.

Got a limit on my spirit. When it turns you better walk away.
Possitively well intended right till the bottom line.
I gotta take it because I see it, every feeling in the room.
Make believe that you're no good for me and there's no need to be changing.

Oh remember the reasons you gave me.
If the walls can speak, well you are insane.
So go, where your memories are safe.
I'll give you one mistake.

Friday, May 17, 2013

You Gave Me Life

You gave me life, and I got grounded.
From the first one to the last day I can remember
I was detached.
Like a street cat or a stray dog or in my moms words
"you are a street kid"
I walked always two inches above the ground,
head in the clouds

You gave me life, and I got grounded.
Now I walk amongst the minutes
rather than around them.
Now I dig my feet into the ground
And face life,  she is a Lioness
All my nose had been stuffed in,
Her precious cubs.
She wouldn't be ignored.    

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Pattern Signaling

We are two friends that call
ourselves lovers. Two cars on
an empty night road that laugh
silently by flashing lights. We are
far enough away from each other
to let every thought lead to the other
naked in the morning. Lust is understood
by distance. A shot in the woods that rings out.
A longing song comes on the radio
in the car at night and the head lights dance. When
I am far from you everything feels like a pattern signaling
your name.

Words By: Jenny Luczak

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Back from tour.

Back from tour, and back in my room.Nothing changes no matter where you live. I've lived in Israel, Ghana, Europe, and New Jersey. New high schools, and colleges.  New friends, lost loves, great lovers in far away places, failures and victories. As a child, a teenager and a twenty something i have always called my single room a home. When my parents were my age they had kids and a house. The standard of life for our generation is so different from our parents. For me one room feels like enough. This is the first song in my new home. A sanctuary I am thankful to have.  

Monday, March 4, 2013

The Edge of America

Played a show at the Awendaw Green in Awendaw, South Carolina. It's an outdoor stage tucked in the corner of a deep field off the highway where goats run free and local characters emerge from hibernation to huddle around fire pit, drink hoppy beer and listen to alt country.This slow twangy tune is for them.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Road

Its been a couple of weeks since our last post. Its sometimes hard to see things clearly when your standing right in it. Some distance and different scenery make the experience approachable. So that memory becomes the retelling of a story that happened to someone else.